Adding Multimedia to Enhance Course Material

The library allows campus faculty the opportunity to add multimedia to their electronic reserve material. Using video-capturing equipment and Docutek’s ERes software, students are able to view streaming video of course reserves. To be compliant with the fair-use clause under current copyright law, the material is password-protected to limit access to class members only. Faculty may ask for any DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS video to be transformed into streaming video so long as it was purchased legally and is owned by either the college or the professor. Once media is submitted to the library, it is converted to a Windows Media File (WMF) utilizing the library’s video-capturing equipment and BeyondTV4 software. Once the WMF is prepared and saved to the ERes server, it can be added as a reserve item to any course within ERes. On Windows-based systems, Windows Media Player is required, and on Macintosh-based systems the Flip4Mac application is needed, to the view streaming video. In addition, the streaming video ERes link can be opened as a network stream within VLC media player.