Prospective ITF Information

Background Information

Founded in 2001 as the CUNY Honors College, Macaulay Honors College is dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities for academically gifted students from the five boroughs of New York City and beyond. Macaulay offers its students unique interdisciplinary seminars focused on New York City, access to instructional technology, dedicated mentors and advisors, internships, study abroad and community service opportunities, and a Cultural Passport that provides entree to the diverse cultural resources of New York City. Macaulay operates in consortium on eight CUNY campuses: Baruch College, Brooklyn College, City College, Hunter College, John Jay College, Lehman College, Queens College, and the College of Staten Island. Currently, Macaulay has close to 2,000 students enrolled on the eight campuses.

Macaulay Honors College is scheduled to admit a class of approximately 500 University Scholars each fall. Each student receives a laptop computer (currently an Apple MacBook Air) as part of the Macaulay scholarship package. In order to help students and faculty take advantage of the full potential of technology for enhancing teaching and learning, Macaulay expects to appoint a small number of new Instructional Technology Fellows (ITFs). Each ITF’s primary assignment will be at one of the eight campuses participating in the Honors College, where they will work closely with CUNY faculty in a series of seminars devoted to the arts, people, and institutions of New York City. A secondary element of the fellowship involves the integration of technological innovations at and through Macaulay central offices. ITFs also have an important role in developing technology for the Macaulay curriculum, and shaping experiential learning events organized by Macaulay.

Doctoral students in all disciplines at the CUNY Graduate Center – including arts, humanities, and social and physical sciences – are welcome to apply for the fellowship. Applicants must be currently registered full-time doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center in good academic standing to apply, and if selected as ITFs, must be registered, in good academic standing, and should be at level II or III at the CUNY Graduate Center during the period of the fellowship. Applicants should be interested in integrating technology and pedagogy for the benefit of students and faculty, both inside and outside of the classroom. They should also be eager to participate with other Instructional Technology Fellows in a multidisciplinary environment that changes focus semester to semester.

It is recommended (though not required) that applicants have completed or be enrolled in the Graduate Center’s Certificate Program in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. For more information on this program, contact Michael Mandiberg at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Compensation and Workload

ITFs are hired under the PSC/CUNY contract as non-teaching adjuncts at $53.44/hour. Appointments are for 225 hours each semester (fall and spring) and 175 hours in the summer (625 hours annually, approximately 15 hours/week). The position is subject to workload limits as defined by the PSC. Generally, ITF work, combined with graduate study, should be considered a full-time responsibility, and ITFs are discouraged from taking on any other assignments during the academic year. ITFs also receive (on loan for the period of their fellowships) the same laptop as Macaulay students and faculty.

The initial ITF appointment is for one year, normally from September 1 through August 31,* though non-teaching adjunct appointment memos are filed each semester.  (Exact dates vary and will be specified upon appointment.) Determinations of ITF re-appointments are made on an annual basis, and depend on individual eligibility, job performance, Macaulay needs, and budget constraints. Work during the summer, with the exception of orientation activities, can generally be completed off-site. ITFs report directly to Dr. Lisa Brundage, Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Macaulay Honors College, and also work closely with Dr. Joseph Ugoretz, Sr Associate Dean and Chief Academic Officer at Macaulay.

*Successful applicants are expected to participate in two ITF orientations, one late in the Spring semester and the second towards the end of August. In addition, ITFs are expected to participate in one or more days of new student orientations, technology training, and opening events for the seminars, usually just prior to the start of the Fall semester. Exact dates of these events will be specified in the appointment letter, but successful applicants should plan to be available the last two weeks of the Spring semester and the two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.

Job Description

Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellows have the opportunity: to work closely with some of CUNY’s best faculty; to receive extensive training and experience in a highly marketable skill set; and to participate in a prestigious and innovative program that includes a technology-across-the-curriculum initiative.

Instructional Technology Fellows will be expected to:

  • work with approximately two Macaulay seminars per semester
  • work closely with faculty teaching the seminars to integrate technology into the curricula and assignments
  • train and support faculty and students in use of the laptop computers provided by Macaulay
  • assist students in locating and evaluating research tools and databases on the Internet
  • support work on Macaulay’s WordPress-based eportfolio system, including developing class sites and training faculty and students to navigate, use, and build upon those sites
  • identify and suggest various forms of technology suitable to meet the goals of each seminar
  • attend, participate, and/or lead portions of some class sessions, as appropriate to each instructor’s seminar section
  • hold regular office hours to advise and mentor students in support of Macaulay community, both locally and cross-campus
  • attend common events associated with each seminar, especially the Macaulay IDEA Day, Macaulay Night at the Museum, BioBlitz, STEAM Festival and other seminar-related events, as well as other co-curricular activities as required
  • participate in ongoing training and attend regular meetings with other Instructional Technology Fellows
  • prepare training documents, FAQs, and other technical support materials for students, faculty, and ITFs
  • work closely with campus Macaulay Directors and Advisors to promote the Macaulay community, improve the use of technology, and make the best use of technology on each campus as well as at the central Macaulay offices
  • work closely with the Macaulay CAO and Macaulay Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology, Senior and Central ITFs, and others in the central Macaulay offices to facilitate the use of technology in Macaulay curricula, communications, etc.
  • other projects as needed

Please direct any questions to Dr. Lisa Brundage, Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology,