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Snapshot Day – Conrad

This past Summer I had the unique opportunity to host an exchange student from France for a few weeks as a part of her whirlwind tour of America. Being of similar age to her, I was soon deemed the most relatable member of my family, and was tasked with showing her New York City. All of it, or just the best parts if I could help it.

After spending hours walking from river to river, we took a subway down to Chinatown, where many, many photos were taken. At the time, I was confused- why document every street corner? Later, however, I learned that Paris, for all its charm, doesn’t really have international neighborhoods like New York, and the multiculturalism which I took for granted was astounding.

On my own venture for snapshot day, I came across a scene that would have ordinarily been run of the mill. But through the eyes of a French tourist, the street corner would appear vibrant and fantastic.

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