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Agnieszka Gugala

Roaming the school, the city, the world, myself, I am using my first year at Hunter to explore my interests. Some lines are continuing from pre-college life; design, theater work, psychology, history, culture, music. But I hope to find some new ones, and sort through the old.
(Wish me luck.)


I am a student at hunter college…

Continuing the Macaulay Lineage…

My name is Darren Panicali, and I’m a third-in-the-family Macaulay Honors at Hunter College student, following in the footsteps of two older siblings who previously graduated when the program didn’t even bear the Macaulay name. I’m interested in finding true meaning and happiness in my life, wherever and whatever those things may be.

Check out one of my other sites for a picture of me! 🙂Click here!

Conrad Volle

I grew up far, far away on Long Island, right on the edge of the Great South Bay. I’ve always been interested in History, specifically Art History and Maritime History. I can’t wait to explore all around New York!

Matthew Taylor

I’m supposed to be at the tech fair today right now, so it seems as though I’m a little behind…I’m sure I’ll pull it together.

here’s a picture…Here’s me and Ting!

Me and Ting!

Ahhhh it’s Cindy!

My name is Cindy Lozito, and I’m a 17 year old college freshman considering a major in the Visual Arts. New York City in the Arts, as you might assume from my major of choice, is totally up my alley. Observing and being a part of art is so important in my life, and I’m excited to see where it’ll take me throughout my college years.

Kate Fomitcheva

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I went to Brooklyn Technical High School. I can’t wait to learn more in this NYC and the Arts class. So far I have really enjoyed all of the performances we have seen. I have always had an interest in the arts and I’m really happy that NYC and the Arts is one of the Macaulay seminars.

Heyyy guysss :D

Hey, my full name is Mariam Kirvalidze.  I used to live in Staten Island but now the city is my new home ! I go to Macaulay at Hunter. I am excited to learn about the art world in NYC.

Izaya’s First Post

Hey my name is Izrail Abdurakhmanov but everyone calls me either Izaya or Izzy. I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan but grew up in Brooklyn. I went to Brooklyn Technical High school and now I’m here at Macaulay Hunter. My interests are sports, video games, anime, and of course break dance and hip-hop dance.

Ali Simon-Fox

My name is Ali. I like to make things.I also like to write short, concise sentences.

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