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Snapshot Day

Snapshot Day – Conrad

This past Summer I had the unique opportunity to host an exchange student from France for a few weeks as a part of her whirlwind tour of America. Being of similar age to her, I was soon deemed the most relatable member of my family, and was tasked with showing her New York City. All of it, or just the best parts if I could help it.

After spending hours walking from river to river, we took a subway down to Chinatown, where many, many photos were taken. At the time, I was confused- why document every street corner? Later, however, I learned that Paris, for all its charm, doesn’t really have international neighborhoods like New York, and the multiculturalism which I took for granted was astounding.

On my own venture for snapshot day, I came across a scene that would have ordinarily been run of the mill. But through the eyes of a French tourist, the street corner would appear vibrant and fantastic.

NYC photo

Snapshot Day

Awesome sunrise picture of Awesome!

Snapshot Day–Marcin

The play of light and shadow against the side of the building is reminiscent of the light in a cathedral.


One of my favorite places to go around my neighborhood. It is so relaxing to look at the water and watch the swans.

My parents and I went to this street a lot to have a nice dinner at a restaurant or drink some tea in a cafe.

Snap Snap- Polina

Eerie Nights in NYC


The eye of the city is entrancing. (Don't get lost.)

NYC Snapshot 2010

Lemon Creek Park Bridge

This is where my Mother used to take me when we moved to Staten Island when I was nine.  I come here at night sometimes to hear the lighthouse noises nearby and see the reflection of the moon in water.  This is like my sanctuary.

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