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Snapshot Day

Snap Snap- Polina

Gallery Parking Lot

Bubble Tea in NYC!!!

After spending some time in Madison Square Park talking about life and watching the busy people (and countless nannies, yikes!) go by, my friend and I made our way down to Tease on 3rd Ave. between 27th St. and 28th St., and we bought these delightfully colorful (and might I add, tantalizingly tasty) strawberry and mango green bubble teas. They reminded me of the diversity and variety of New York – the people, the culture, the food…the list goes on! Every waking moment in the city is an opportunity to feel refreshed and invigorated – and you don’t even have to be diving into an ice-cold drink! That being said, we totally did. And it was delicious. Gotta love New York. 😉

Entertainment in the City

Snapshots! -Lidiya

This picture shows a New York City home, with the person adding a sense of reality to the photo. I just hope this isn’t illegal. This shows how limited front lawns are in the suburbia.

I’m not sure how to describe it other than it looks slightly weird, but interesting. The shapes are unique. This reminds me of the photo Professor Jablonka showed us with a arch that seems to go on past what the eye can see.

The trees bend in the direction of the pedestrian.

Snapshot Day-BX

These pictures span Morris Park, Williamsbridge and Pelham Parkway.

Who's a good puppeh?!

Albanian pizzeria turned Muslim restaurant/hookah bar

The White Plains Rd. BID

Snapshot Day

All taken on my walk around Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Park

-Nicole Lennon

All about Snapshot Day!

On Monday, October 11, 2010, you will snap a photo of anything in New York.  Post some of your pictures on this page with a brief description.  Then choose your favorite, write a caption, and follow these instructions carefully.  (If you have questions or need help, write to Jessica at jhammerman@gc.cuny.edu).   The deadline for making your final choice is October 18.

If you’re interesting in curating the event, come to a meeting at Macaulay on October 7th @ 7 pm.

You will choose one photo to be printed out and curated in a show at Macaulay on December 12.

For examples of snapshots from previous years, look at these galleries:

2009 photos

2008 photos

To post photos, click on the little rectangle next to “Upload/Insert.”  Adjust the size and positioning of your picture. Don’t forget to “Insert into Post”!

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