24 Hour Play Fun

Posted by jcoros43 - October 8, 2010

This past weekend I had the pleasure of partaking in the 24 Hour play festival at Macaulay.  Davi Santos, a friend and fellow student of the school, spearheaded the event which was co-hosted with the AWE Creative group.

My Group and I Performing in "Halloween," by Amy Gijsberg

Saturday Night, 40 students and professionals were broken into 8 groups–each with 1 writer, 1 director, and 3-4 actors.  All writers are given two random lines (“It’s 3:45am, that’s absurd.” & “Stop what you’re doing and look at me!”) and a random prop (a Barack Obama mask).  That night the writers pull together a script for a ten minute play.  All the next day the directors and actors put it on its feet. The curtain goes up at 8pm, twenty-four hours after the adventure began.

Some More Photos:

My group rehearsing.

Amy Witting, the founder of AWE Creative, working the boards.

Running Lines

On the stage.

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