What are the weekly Online Synthesis Sessions?

The Online Synthesis Sessions are the intellectual core and the social heart of the JEHN community.  Each week, every JEHN Scholar will participate in an Online Synthesis Session.  These sessions will be scheduled at a convenient time each week so that the entire cohort will be able to attend.  Attendance at the Synthesis Sessions each week is required for JEHN Scholars.

During the Online Synthesis Sessions, the JEHN Scholars from both Macaulay and Barrett will discuss what they are learning in their JEHN courses, make connections to current events and issues of concern, and develop ideas for the JEHN Projects they will present at the Summer Gathering.  There will be required readings, low-stakes writing assignments and some guest speakers/visitors, but the bulk of the sessions will be discussion-based.

The Online Synthesis Sessions will be co-taught by two instructors, one each from Macaulay and Barrett.