What benefits will I receive?

JEHN Scholars will receive a focused and intellectually robust attention to issues of justice and equity, and the opportunity to connect their academic progress to their commitment to addressing these issues.  They will also receive mentoring, career coaching, and cultural activities, as well as the opportunity to meet and share ideas while making connections with students from different parts of the country who share their interests. Bringing together a coherent philosophy and plan of action to make change, the Justice and Equity Honors Scholars will help to create a more peaceful, equitable, just, and inclusive world.

All JEHN Scholars will receive full funding to attend the JEHN Summer Gathering, as well as access to supplemental grant funding to support experiential learning connected to their Justice and Equity ideals.

Upon completing the JEHN year, at the time of graduation, every JEHN will scholar will receive a Justice and Equity Honors Certificate.