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  1. 9/19

    In our seminar class today, we had a bunch of interesting things happen. To start off the class, we watched a few clips from “Girl With the Pearl Earring” (the movie which made Scarlett Johansson big popular), and it discussed a female named Griet who’s view was changed after being introduced to the artist Johannes Vermeer. It was a very interesting clip, for it related to the way that we have been taught to look at art in a new light in this class.
    In addition to this, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with a visit from Professor Charles Liu! His speech he gave us was one that I’ll remember for a long time. His views are something I’ve found to be something I’ve thought about heavily in my recent years. He told us that although he is a scientist, an astronomer, he i heavily interested in the arts. All throughout high school, I’ve been torn between the two areas, for math was always my best subject, but jazz ensemble was always my favorite. It was something I hope I can keep with me, for I want to be involved in both areas for my life.
    After Professor Liu’s speech, we visited an art exhibit entitled “Art, Science, and Religion in the Physica Sacra” by Johan Jakob Scheuzcher for the last half hour of class. They were a series of small paintings, but each seemed to combine what Professor Liu discussed. It was an intriguing mixture of religion and science, coming together in harmony, and certainly something that I hope to see more of one day.

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