Oh my gosh! The opera was amazing! I’ve watched telecasts of a few operas and I’ve listened to one or two on the radio but actually being at the Met is a completely different experience. My mother and I have bought tickets to see Adia by Verdi because I really want to see another opera before the year is over. On the way home, I was humming Nessun Dorma. I knew the opera would be great but I was still blown away by everything. I’m not exaggerating when I say everything.

So much goes into making an opera and it’s clear to see. One thing I would like to know is how the singers get together to practice and how the opera is choreographed because the singers usually don’t speak the same native language. Hilba Gerzmava (Liù) is from Russia, Maria Guleghina (Turandot) is from the Ukraine, Marco Berti (Calàf) is from Italy, and James Morris (Timur) is from the States. I wonder how they were able to practice when they don’t speak the same native language. I guess that doesn’t matter because they all share the love of opera. It’s also pretty amazing that no matter where you are seated in the Met, you can hear the singers just fine. However, there were a few moments when you could tell that the singers were pushing their voices even though it didn’t sound strained.
There were so many people on stage sometimes and some of the scenes had some intense choreography that obviously required hours upon hours of practice.  The musicians complemented the performers so well and it’s pretty amazing that I was able to hear flutes from where I was sitting. The costumes and sets were so beautiful and I was taken aback when Act II Scene II began and the beautiful palace and princess were revealed. The costumes had so many intricate details, which showed me that the Met wants everything to be perfect.

I can’t wait for Wednesday so, I can hear what everyone else loved about the opera. It was so nice hearing people talking about it on the bus ride home and I’m glad that we all went because I think a lot of people who didn’t think they would enjoy the opera actually loved it.

– Amber G