Wednesday night, we went to go see Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera. I can honestly say that even though I didn’t think I would ever go to an Opera, I actually enjoyed it. Every aspect of the Opera that we learned about in class came together to create a beautiful creation that I will always remember.

Before Monday’s class, I had always associated Opera with a man in a fluffy costume yelling at people in angry languages. However, my viewpoint was completely turned around after that class. After learning about all the aspects of the Opera, I was impressed with all the work that was put into it and was excited to actually see the Opera. When we walked into the theater, I couldn’t believe the immense size of it. I had learned that the Opera singers did not use microphones, but I could not understand how a person could possibly fill an entire amphitheater with just their voice. However, as soon as the vocals started, I was blown away by the fact that everything was so clear and perfectly audible. I could hear every note sung as if the singer was sitting in the seat next to me. The performers’ talent was incredible.

As well as the singing, I was also very impressed by the overall experience of the opera. It really did tell a very visual story. When I looked down at the stage and saw 100 people walking around on a beautifully crafted stage with lamplight, I was awestruck. It didn’t look like some cheesy play; rather, it truly looked realistic. The orchestra hit every note with feeling and emotion that perfectly complemented what was going on on stage. Overall, it was a great new experience for me.