~My first Opera 10/3/12 Naomi~

On Wednesday October 3, 2012 I attended my first opera.  After watching clips of the opera in class and seeing commercials on tv for the Metropolitan opera I was excited to see Turnadot in person.  When we first arrived at the opera house I was in  awe of the foyer, everything from the high chandeliers, velvet red carpets, ornate costumes on display, and high wrapping staircases amazed me.

I enjoyed the first act of the opera and I was amazed that even without microphones the performer’s voices were able to carry all the way up to the highest balcony of the opera house where we were sitting.  Even though I enjoyed the first act I was a little disappointed that from our seats we were not able to see Princess Turnadot in her tower through the first act. During the first intermission I got my opportunity to walk down to the first floor orchestra seats with Professor Kahan, Elisa and Austin.  As the lights went down for the commencement of the second act Elisa and I were able to find seats in the third row  from the orchestra pit.

With my new seat I was able to see the entire stage in all of its glory.  I was able to see the intricate details of the set pieces, the shimmering jewels of Turnadot’s magnificent costume and the severe makeup on the performers faces.  I would never have had this magnificent experience from my original fourth balcony seat.

In the end my first opera experience was a very positive one.  I hope to return to the metropolitan opera soon, and I hope to share this experience with my family.