11/7, Maxim Avshalumov

Throughout my entire school career, I have been reading and analyzing poetry.  Although I have read, literally, hundreds of poems in my life I cannot recall any of them.  If somebody asked me about a significant moment in my life that involved poetry, I would not have a response.  Other than music, poetry has had extremely little influence in my life up until the most recent class of Seminar.

There were two parts of the class that I took a liking to, the first of which was Andrew’s poem.  I am going to be honest and say that I was not expecting much when Andrew said he wanted to share his own poem.  I figured it would be a few clever rhymes but my assumption was clearly wrong.  The first line of the poem was by far the best, it is a perfect hook, “Lights pass by me hundreds at a time, but none can illuminate my night.”  I can easily relate this line to my life; I drive by hundreds of lamp posts on a daily basis but it never gives me that sweet embrace of hope I get when I wake up to a sunny day.

The second part I really enjoyed was a line in Christian’s poem.  I cannot perfectly recall the line but it was the segment about the web and the hardy cab driver.  I did not have any deep relations to this poem but I just adored the analogy of light hitting a spider’s web, symbolizing the cabby’s defense mechanism.

When the time arises in which I may need to discuss poetry, I will have these two poems in my arsenal.