I’m not going to lie, this past Wednesday’s seminar class was one of the scariest classes for me so far.  I never had a problem with public speaking in high school, but when I finally stood up to perform my poem on Wednesday, I was literally shaking.  With Professor Kahan’s help, I hope that I was able to present the poem with the tone and emotion the poet intended, showing her annoyance at modernization in the city that took away the respite that one would usually get at night.

I also really enjoyed Brendon’s poem, Checkmate.  I thought the poem was clever in that it was written by someone who died in the twin towers.  It reminded me of the book The Book Thief, which is written in the Death’s point of view.  I don’t know how to play chess myself, but I was still able to appreciate the metaphor that the game represented.

Rob’s poem was also really great.  The musical accompaniment, along with the mellow way he read the poem, allowed me to feel the emotion behind the poem and made me feel like “I had the blues”. Overall, the poems were all great once again, and I am excited to hear the rest of the poems on Monday!