On Wednesday, we watched Manhattan, a movie directed by Woody Allen. I really enjoyed the movie’s plot and humor. I was a little disappointed that it was in black in white, because I’m not a big fan of black and white movies, but overall I think that it was a great movie and here is my analysis.

1. The primary function of the camera in this film is to give the viewer a sense that they are a part of every conversation in the film. This is very effective because you truly get a sense that you are in New York with Woody Allen throughout the film.

2. In most of the scenes with people, you can see everyone’s face at the same time and there are not a lot of edits. You can see everyone’s reaction after something is said which makes the conversations very realistic. There are many points where you can’t see an actors face when they speak because of the lighting or because the actor is off screen.

3. Since this movie is in black and white, you lose a lot of details. When the screen is in black and white, the viewer has to use their own imagination, and determine from the reactions of the characters, how pretty the color of a dress is a dress is or how brown a cup of water is. One example of this is when Woody Allen’s character comments that the water is brown, it impossible to agree with him, because it is hard to tell from the screen. However, you can tell by Diane Keaton character’s reaction, that the water is very brown.

4. The dialogue in this film is very conversational. Woody Allen employs a lot of sarcasm and humor in the conversations, which make the movie entertaining.

5. The costumes in this film are casual clothing. In almost every scene the characters are wearing casual clothing, which makes each scene look like a regular day in New York.

6. There isn’t much music in the movie. Rather, there is a lot of focus on what the actor is saying. When there is music, it sets the scene. There is romantic music when Woody Allen and Diane Keaton first hangout, which shows that there is a brewing, romance. There is also intense music when Diane Keaton says that she is in love with Yale and Woody Allen goes to talk to Yale.

7. The set of the movie is Manhattan. The choice of the set is very fitting because the movie was very fast paced and that is exactly what Manhattan is all about.