While I try to keep my blog pretty upbeat, one thing that is a downer for a college student on a budget studying abroad is money! The exchange rate of Australian to US dollars is close to 1:1, but that’s actually a significant devaluing of the US dollar, as a few years ago it was closer to 2:1. Not only is the exchange rate currently to my disadvantage, but everything is Australia is more expensive! Instead of the 99 cents store, Geelong has a “Mainly $2” store:

(Though I did spot a dollar store in Melbourne:


The footlongs at Subway are AUS$10 instead of US$5. And, McDonalds has gourmet desserts!

While not everything here is twice the price, the cost of living is certainly higher than in New York City. Word to the wise: plan to spend a lot when you’re away, whether it’s to study or on holiday, and hopefully the prices won’t cripple your wallet! That’s what I did, thankfully 🙂