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As a Macaulay student, I do actually enjoy my academic workload, at least, most of it. Usually, completing an essay or project leaves me with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, because I’ve actually learned something and done something that I feel is valuable to my education (and perhaps to others as well). But it’s still nice to have projects outside of my academic life that can bring me fulfillment. Today’s a good day, since two projects I’ve been working on finally got off the ground. First of all, the Macaulay Scholars Council website is up and running: check it out here. Second, the first clues for the Cultural Passport Scavenger Hunt were released. I had the idea for this event before I was even accepted into Macaulay, and I’m so excited that I was actually able to organize and run it. Prospective students can’t compete for the prize, and you don’t yet have the cultural passport to get in for free, but play along if you wish! More details about the event and the first two clues are posted on the MSC website mentioned above. Happy hunting!