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In honor of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (which I saw at midnight Thursday – so awesome!), I’ll begin my post with a Dumbledore quote:

“Time is making fools of us again.”

Time is certainly making a fool of me at least. How is it that the summer is already half over!? 🙁
At least I’ve been enjoying myself (although Jury Duty next Wednesday will potentially kill that).
Hopefully I’ll be done quick, since I have a week long vacation planned at the beginning of August, and I want to get as much beach and frisbee playing time in while I can.

As for my other summer goals, it’s a mixed bag of success. The closest I’ve come to trying to learn how to knit/crochet is reading The Knitting Club. However, I have managed to start a blog of sorts – more cleaning up my eportfolio and trying to incorporate posts from here, as well as work from classes that I have posted online. However, I’ve also been working on reviewing each of the books I’ve been reading this summer. So far only my review of The Blind Assassin is up, but I’ll be adding more soon, since I’ve been devouring books like crazy! (Another one of my summer goals met 🙂

Next on my list: the Harry Potter series. It’s time to relive the magic.

Earlier this week I found out I’d been selected to volunteer at the Macaulay orientation, on Outward Bound day! I’m super excited to meet all of you incoming freshmen 🙂

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