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So many plans were made for my summer, and so few accomplished! I went to the beach all of ONCE 🙁 and didn’t really achieve any of the lofty intellectual or skill building goals I had intended (outside of my research assistant position at Roosevelt House). I did have alot of fun, but it seems as though, three weeks into the semester, that hasn’t changed! Though it took me awhile to get settled back into the dorms (First Irene and then labor day weekend!) this weekend I finally finished unpacking my clothes and plugged in my fridge. I feel as though I’ve almost got this term’s rhythm down – class, work, research, gym, eat, sleep, socialize (it’s always a juggling act).

In terms of class, I’ve managed to avoid (yet again) taking five 3-credit in person classes. I have a 13.5 credit load this term, due to a 1.5-credit research paper writing class required of History majors. I’m taking it with 20th century German history, which, thanks to my small but significant amount of German language experience and trip to Germany, I find very interesting. The other class I’m really enjoying thus far is Imagining the End of the World with Professor Quinby at the Macaulay building. Macaulay classes are always a little “out there” in terms of topic but very intellectually stimulating and – dare I say – fun! It helps that my best friend from Baruch is taking it as well.

I’ve stayed on as the CIO (Chief Information Officer) for the Public Policy Program (P-cubed) at Hunter (it’s a fancy way of saying I help manage social media/communications). I’ve also kept my weekend part-time job doing customer service at Knewton. While I’ve left my research at Roosevelt House behind, over the summer (through my connections at Roosevelt House) I started to help Professor Viteritti with an article he’s writing on Education policy, and I’m going to continue that work for him at least until the article is due in November. He even managed to find me some outside funding. I get paid, AND I can save opportunities fund money for a possible study abroad! Win-win. As for where I will go next (and when!) I have no idea. I want to take this winter term to get my lab science requirement out of the way (I’ve been dreading it, and I think it’s time to just get it over with). If I don’t go somewhere this summer, I’m definitely going to try to go abroad the winter of my senior year.

In other news, being a junior without career/grad school goals is both relaxing and terrifying at the same time. On one hand, I don’t have standardized tests or applications to start freaking out about. On the other hand, I have life to freak out about…