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Rather than spend my 5-day weekend parting it up, I spent my Friday night making flashcards for studying German history, and went to bed early on Saturday so I wouldn’t be tired for work on Sunday (I did enjoy a mini-Buffy marathon with my BFF on Wednesday night. It’s awesome that Netflix has the entire series on Watch Instantly!). Thanks to my diligence however, I’m in pretty good shape right now. However, midterms start around the middle of the month and run all the way until the end (I have a two or three part midterm for almost all of my classes!). So I’m enjoying my day off today (we’re on a Friday class schedule, and I have no Friday classes!) with the knowledge that soon things will be getting very hectic!

One of the things I’m working on that I’m actually very excited about is my creative project for Imagining the End of the World – my best friend and I are going to make a short zombie film! We’re working on writing the script now and it’s already been alot of fun. It’s always great when you can take a break from schoolwork by doing FUN schoolwork. I’m also enjoying the book I’m reading for the class – Watchmen! I actually though I wouldn’t like reading a graphic novel, but it’s really beautiful and so far a captivating story. Back to scriptwriting in Starbucks!


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