This morning was a visit to my Dad’s Aunt (my Great Aunt!) and her husband, who live in Dungarvon. They were also very hospitable, and fed us lunch. Like my Dad’s friend Liam, they were sad we weren’t staying longer and encouraged us to come back in summer when the weather is nicer (and the tickets and hotels are more expensive! Hence our January visit).

Having definitely forgone the Cliffs of Moher in order to visit them (the cliffs were just too far out of the way to fit in) they suggested we stop at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, just outside of Limerick. We took their suggestion and I am glad we did! The castle is gorgeous and many of the rooms, as well as the surrounding cottages and area, have been preserved and historically refurnished and restored. You can even climb up the winding castle steps to the top of the turrets! (or down to the dungeons).

There were dozens of different coats of arms in the windows. This one reminded me of House Lannister (for those of you familiar with The Song of Ice and Fire series).

Then we drove into Galway, checked into our hostel (we have our own room and bathroom, it’s clean – and it was cheap!) We then took a walk around the city center and grabbed some dinner – Shepherds pie, yum. And tea of course. I feel like I am offered tea every five seconds, and I must be drinking half a dozen cups a day.

We didn’t stay out too long after that, since it was getting late and there was an unpleasant and cold mist. We’ve had really beautiful weather until now, but today was your typical wet and dreary Irish day.

I’m hoping it clears up at least a bit tomorrow – we’re going to Connemara on our way to Northern Ireland!