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Quality of homeopathy research

Lina Mohamed                                                                                    September 26th, 2016

MHC 20301-Writing Assignment #2

Professor Glen Kowach


Search for Natural Alternatives to Replace Pills-Step 1: Homeopathy


Before medicine, people relied on natural treatments to survive. It is true that people died of diseases because there were no vaccines and advanced medicinal treatments/procedures, but now that we have these advancements, it is not all better. People are still dying from diseases, overdoses, misdiagnoses, and so much more. If humans before us were able to look and find treatment naturally, we should certainly be able to do this more efficiently if we put our technology to good use. Modern technology would make it so much easier to search for alternative treatments, test their effectiveness and make the best use of these natural remedies.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine used to treat chronic illnesses that fail to respond to traditional treatments, but also to treat minor conditions like the cold and flu. Homeopathic remedies are natural substances that are usually plant, mineral, or animal based. This type of remedy is based upon the idea that “like cures like” ( Alternative Medicine, 271).

“Throughout its over 200-year-history, homeopathy has proven effective in treating diseases for diseases for which conventional medicine has little to offer/ However, due to its low cost, which threatens pharmaceutical profits, as well as its divergence from conventional medical theory, homeopathy has been continually attacked by the medical establishment” (Alternative Medicine, 271).  Even though homeopathy has its critics, it can still give results. Homeopathy should not be our only source of treatments but it should be used when possible to reduce pill consumption which causes liver damage.

Natural alternatives like homeopathy are continuously growing in use by doctors and licensed health-care providers but it is not enough to replace pharmaceuticals and man-made alternatives. Organizations have even recognized homeopathy and other pure remedies as systems that should be integrated worldwide, along with conventional medicine, to provide adequate global healthcare in the 21st century. This is already more recognized in Europe than America and it is time for America to catch up. In parts of Europe, homeopathic remedies are required, along with other conventional remedies. It is time for the United States to wake up and understand what is better for our health and not the benefit of businesses.





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