Is it More Helpful or Harmful? Evaluating the Impact of Cyberknife Radiosurgery on Pain Elimination

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One important area of research for the Cyberknife system is the study of its impact on improving pain after treatment.  As previous assignments have suggested, the Cyberknife holistically shows promise as a precise and effective alternative treatment method for people suffering from various types of cancer.  What has not been explored as in depth is […]

Fiducial Markers: An Important Tool for the Cyberknife’s Motion Tracking Capability

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The past several assignments have explicitly focused on evaluating aspects of the Cyberknife system, such as the treatment method’s precision, efficacy, and cost-effect ratio.  What has yet to be explored among these assignments is an important tool that essentially enables the Cyberknfie to do its job and effectively treat patients with various types of cancers.  […]

Cyberknife Linked to Maintaining Cancer Patient Quality of Life Scores Before and After Treatment

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As previously mentioned, the Cyberknife is a radiosurgery technique used to target and treat cancerous masses in the body. Although this treatment method has become popular recently, various research studies have been published on the Cyberknife.  For example, past literature has evaluated the precision of the Cyberknife, how it is able to track and correct […]

The Cost-Effect Ratio of the Cyberknife: System Shows Promise Over Other Techniques

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Ariana Gopal Past research has indicated that the Cyberknife system, a form of stereotactic radiosurgery, shows promise as a means of treating various forms of cancer.  For example, this radiosurgery technique has had a positive impact on treating prostate cancer; it has been linked to lowering PSA values as well as increasing the amount of […]

The Cyberknife System and Prostate Cancer: Research Demonstrates a Positive Impact on Toxicities, Biochemical Survival, and PSA

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Ariana Gopal The objective of this week’s paper is to evaluate the effects of the Cyberknife system on a specific type of cancer.  Literature reviewed in the past, specifically on cancers effecting the nervous system, indicated that the use of the Cyberknife for cancer treatment should extend to various types of cancers, such as those […]

Cancer Cell Biology: A General Overview of Factors Linked to Cancer Development and Its Progression

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By: Ariana Gopal Cancer forms when a cell veers away from its normal pattern of cell division and begins to proliferate abnormally.  This proliferation can lead to the development of a mass of cells known as a tumor.  This high proliferation of abnormal cells can eventually damage nearby tissues or enter the bloodstream or the […]

The Cyberknife System: On Par with Increasing Cancer Patients’ Survival Rates When Compared to Other Treatment Techniques

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Ariana Gopal Three of the primary methods for killing off cancerous cells in a person’s body are chemotherapy, surgery, and various forms of radiation therapy.  Chemotherapy targets all rapidly producing cells in a person’s body and is generally prescribed in the form of a drug; it is often used in cases where an individual’s cancer […]

Cyberknife: Robotic Radiosurgery Shows Promise for Accurately Targeting and Treating Cancerous Lesions

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Ariana Gopal Cyberknife: Robotic Radiosurgery Shows Promise for Accurately Targeting and Treating Cancerous Lesions               Cyberknife is a form of robotic radiosurgery that is geared toward precisely targeting cancerous masses in the body.  Paired with real-time imaging, the radiosurgery is delivered from an adjustable robotic arm that points a […]