The Art of Restoration

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Art Restoration versus Art Conservation Art restorers and art conservators work closely together to maintain the integrity of artwork, combining fields of art history and science in their overall work. However, their tasks differ in that art restorers are involved in the physical cleaning and retouching of art, while art conservators are mainly concerned with […]

The Sistine Chapel Restoration Controversy and Its Implications in the Field of Art Conservation

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Ethical Controversies Art conservation is a vital field in the preservation of our cultural heritage, and this importance does not come without its fair share of controversy. Conservators and restorers alike must deal with many ethical dilemmas when approaching the issue of whether to clean and restore a work of art, or let it degrade […]

Use of Raman Microspectroscopy in Various Art Mediums and Discoveries

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What is Raman microspectroscopy? Raman microspectroscopy is one implementation of chemical studies to determine authenticity, degradation effects, and identification of raw materials and their processing (Kelloway and Birmingham). It is the study of light and the manner in which light is scattered, producing a spectra that can reveal much about an artwork and its content […]

Infrared Reflectography: More Noninvasive Techniques in Art Conservation

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What is Infrared Reflectography (IRR) and How Does It Work? Infrared Reflectography (IRR) is a noninvasive technique used in the art conservation field. One of its prime implementations is to identify the bottom layers of a painting, which allows scientists to observe and identify any preliminary sketches made on the material surface, among other layers […]

Conservation Approaches to Oil Paintings: From Centuries Ago to the Contemporary

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Much of the world’s most well-known artwork are oil paintings – from da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Although these pieces were created centuries ago, their original imagery and overall condition have stayed intact and pristine as a result of the extensive work done by conservators and restorers throughout the many […]

Morality, Legality and its Possible Solutions in Art Conservation

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Struggle within Museums between Conservators and Curators Art conservators play a vital role in the preservation of our culture and heritage, though this importance can sometimes be undermined by the differing goals of the public and other museum staff. Conservators cite disagreements with museum directors and curators over the future of certain artwork that needs […]

Noninvasive Methods in Examining Valued Artwork and its Preservation

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Noninvasive Methods in Art Conservation The field of art conservation deals with expensive and irreplaceable artwork, and thus requires noninvasive methods of examination, or minimal sampling at most. Specifically, the preservation of paintings requires knowledge of paint layers and pigments in order to fully analyze the artwork and determine how it will age over time. […]

The Transiency in Art Conservation and Our Approaches for Restoration

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Art conservation is the care and preservation of artwork with historical relevancy. It represents the unique merging of art, art history and science, where the methods and knowledge of these disciplines are vital in its application. Art conservators must determine the best way to preserve artwork, keeping scientific limitations and artists’ intentions in mind. Though […]