Pushing Sustainability with Green Building Rating Systems

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Since the introduction of green building, nations have been working on developing methods to successfully integrate this idea into society. Overtime, green building systems have emerged to encourage sustainable building. These systems reward buildings who meet their definition of sustainable with green certification. Obtaining green certification is a desired achievement for many owners since green […]

Net Zero Energy Building: An Overview of Its Progress

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One of the major aspects of green building is creating a structure that is energy efficient. Attaining a net-zero energy building, defined as a building which creates an equal amount of energy on site as what it consumes, is a heavily desired goal at the time.Figure 1 illustrates the features of a typical net zero […]

The Growth of Green Building Over the Years

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Green building, a concept introduced only a few decades ago, has grown immensely over the past years. The need to develop environment-friendly habits during a time of high energy and material consumption has encouraged governments to create policies that mandate green building practice. As a result of this effort, there has been a rapid increase […]

How Well Are Green Buildings Performing?

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With the growing interest in green building, many studies have been conducted to evaluate the performance of sustainable buildings that were constructed over the past two decades. It is important to note the advantages and disadvantages of past projects in order to learn the most effective methods of green building. The effectiveness of sustainable buildings can […]

The Role of Green Technology in Sustainable Building

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Green technology is an essential component of green building. It is responsible for reducing waste, pollution, and energy usage throughout a building’s lifetime. Different green technologies are incorporated during construction with the goal of being able to achieve sustainability, the property of meeting the needs of society without damaging or depleting natural resources (Yusof & […]

The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Building

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Green building offers more than environmental benefits to society. Various studies have shown that green building has significant economic benefits as well. Figure 1 shows and categorizes some of these benefits. Green building lowers the costs for energy, waste disposal, water, operations, maintenance, and saves money by increasing productivity and improving the indoor environmental quality of […]

Beyond Expectations: The Bullitt Foundation Creates the Greenest Office Building in the World

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Ever since the introduction of green building rating systems, attaining the greenest structure has become a desired goal for many companies. One of the most successful green buildings created thus far is the Bullitt Center, located in Seattle, Washington. Designed by the Bullitt Foundation, the Bullitt Center earned the title of greenest office building in […]

Sustainable Building: A Step Towards a Greener Future

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Ever since the beginning of the environmental movement, which commenced during the 1960s, the United States has been encouraging the use of green technology. In recent times, it has especially stressed the practice of sustainable building, also known as green building. Conventional buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy and material use. The practice […]