Music Through the Lens of Neuroscience and Psychology

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I have chosen the focus of this writing assignment to be apart from my video project about the Mars mission. I play many instruments of music, in a lot different genres, and my love of listening to music is even more diverse and extensive. I use music as a therapy, a creative output, a stimulant, a […]

Physiological Threats to Mental Health in Long-Term Space Mission

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The previous writing assignment covered current research on the psychological well-being of astronauts in a proposed long-term space mission. Social and behavioral factors like stress, mood-states, and sleep deprivation were the main threats to the mental health of astronauts. However, another side to this discussion includes the physical and medical effects on mental health from ever-present […]

Psychological Well-being in Long-term Space Mission

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Though the physiological dangers of a long-term space mission are always going to pose an immediate threat to the health of an astronaut, research and technology can help prevent or reduce the magnitude of their effects. Radiation and microgravity are two such examples of these physical dangers. A much more difficult problem to address is […]

Medical Insight of Living in Space from Research at the International Space Station

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One of the main premises behind building, operating, and conducting research on the incredibly massive and expensive International Space Station was to learn more about how humans, and life in general, respond to long-term living in space. The ISS was built with manned space missions in mind, and the extensive research in astronauts’ health and […]

Technological Concepts and Solutions for Human Space Travel to Mars

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One way both astronauts and mission control at NASA are preparing for a Mars mission is a fully functional simulation with an underwater space craft, affectionately called NEEMO, or NASA Extreme Environmental Mission Operations (Chappell et al., 2016). Using different buoyancy levels, NEEMO can simulate any range of gravity expected of a Mars mission, from […]

The Medical Consequences of Human Space Travel to Mars

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For the video project, I have decided to investigate the dangers and complications to an astronaut’s health aboard a proposed mission to Mars. This includes the psychological consequences of being on a space ship for months, the risks of cancer and cell damage from being exposed to solar and cosmic radiation, and bone and muscle […]