Learned Recommendations on Yelp

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Recommendations are suggestions that may direct the target toward something that they may like. In Yelp, data analysis is required in order to make satisfactory recommendations to users. Recommendations should thereby be supervised when they are being made so that each can be specific to their user. There are many proposed ways to receive recommendations […]

Gamification of Yelp

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Yelp has built an entire database off of crowdsourcing information from users. Without the people, Yelp would never have been as successful as it is now. While it may seem too true for the users to do the job for Yelp for free, it is the reality of Yelp’s success. This statement is partially incorrect […]

Searching for Search Algorithms in Yelp

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According to Alexa.com, the most popular sites are search engines with Google.com as the leading provider on the World Wide Web. Practically, it is easy to see why this is so. The World Wide Web is an information system of documents that may be linked together with hyperlinks. These documents can be accessed via the […]

Prevalence of Fraud in Yelp’s Review System

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Yelp is a global phenomenon in that it has infiltrated businesses throughout the world while having a lasting impact on the future of their financial success. However, there are no requirements to make a Yelp account besides owning an email which can be easily made for free. This means that anyone is able to make […]

Credibility of Reputable Yelp Users

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Yelp has a large presence in the world of business. Not only are small businesses affected by Yelp, but large businesses as well. Reviews hold great influence over such entities. In a survey, 90% of consumers read reviews. Of that number of people, 88% trust the reviews that they read. Furthermore, 86% hesitate to purchase from […]

Sentiment Analysis of Online Reviews

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It is a given that computers aren’t naturally smart. They aren’t able to understand the intricacies of human languages. However, we are able to use machine learning to allow computers to be able to extract data from our language. Sentiment analysis, as the name suggests, allows us to teach computers how to analyze data to […]

Use of Visualized Media to Expedite Recovery in Mental Health

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As the internet currently dominates most forms of media in today’s society, there is no doubt many internet users are also involved in social media – especially the millennial generation. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 teenagers on the internet use some form of social media. (Madden 2013) However, there are obviously going to […]

Cultivation of Big Data and Crowdsourcing Software Development

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Yelp has been one of the most successful crowdsourcing websites ever since its start in 2004 more than a decade ago. Besides having a social media aspect, it is granted that there is a lot of data science involved given the countless businesses and reviews that are posted on Yelp. It’s most successful feat was […]