Dark Matter Presenting A Possible Link To Black Holes

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Based on the sheer size and intense mass of black holes, black holes occupy an incredible amount of space in the universe. In a similar fashion, the part of the universe that we do know, much of it is occupied by an incredible amount of dark matter. While there isn’t any known direct link, one […]

Detecting The Event Horizon of A Black Hole Using Radio Technology

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Discovering and viewing the event horizon of a black hole has always been a goal of scientists since their speculation. They have intrigued the minds of many, as no one knows exactly what happens at the event horizon, or even if they truly exist as black holes could very much be taken as a mistake […]

Different Theories That Attempt To Describe and Explain The Universe

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Many scientists have attempted to explain the universe we reside in through many different theories. None of them are absolute of course, but some tend to be more believable than others. While there is no definite evidence that fully supports any single theory, based on what we see so far, we can only assume that […]

Variations Of Black Holes and Different Physical Properties

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As intriguing as black holes are, just in their simplest forms, there are other phenomena related to them. Just as about anything else, they have their variations to them as well. All of these variations share the similarity of fundamentally being incredibly massive structures forming from a massive star collapsing on itself, A.K.A., a black […]

The Mysteries and Explorations and Explanations of Black Holes

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Black holes have become a relatively recent phenomenon within the science and more specifically, the physics community. Their introduction has stirred up massive debate within the community and many scientists have tried to explain them through mathematical means, as theories, and consequently because of the mathematical explanations, they make sense. Black holes are said to […]

The Vast Stars In The Universe and Some of Their Unique Properties

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With the vast cosmos ever so present in the vision of the most complex telescopes available on the Earth, we will always see an abundance of stars. As such there will always be vast differences amongst these stars due to the fact that they are all originally different stars. They each have their primary differences […]

The Formation of Stars and Star Types From Explosions and Other Supernovae

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The formation of stars is a complex matter, but this complexity mostly takes form in the essence of time. The complexity factor is the amount of time it takes for stars to start forming, and eventually forms into this massive cluster of gas, heat, energy, elements, gravity, etc., thus becoming a star. This process is […]

The Origins of The Elements From The Basis of Chemical Reactions In Massive Stars In Deep Space

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All of the elements on the Periodic Table have some origin. From the smallest and most basic of elements to the biggest ones, that were created naturally, they all seem to have a similar origin. The most basic elements, hydrogen and helium, have supposedly arisen from the Big Bang. Primarily hydrogen was brought about by […]