PROJECT RESOURCES  A list of potential sources for informing your semester projects and short-answer writing assignments

Urban Reviewer: interactive online map of the more than 150 master plans neighborhood master plans adopted in New York City since 1949

Urban diversity and segregation: data on diversity and segregation in U.S. cities

Same city, different life spans: data on life expectancy in NYC neighborhoods

What is affordable housing? interactive online map developed by the Center for Urban Pedagogy; great tool for understanding housing affordability in NYC


Socio-economic and socio-demographic data tools – sources for data from the U.S. census

Google public data explorer: just what the name suggests; offers the ability to explore select data sets at different geographies

Social Explorer: developed by a Queens College sociology professor; powerful tool for exploring and mapping census data from 1790 to the present; free access for CUNY students on campus and off by using your library code.

Infoshare: developed by former Queens College urban studies professor; another powerful tool for exploring and mapping data about NYC and its neighborhoods.

OASIS: it stands for Open Accessible Space Information System; nifty to explore an map all sorts of NYC current and historical data from farmers markets and zoning to bike routes and population characteristics at different geographical scales