Group projects involve independent and team research into a contemporary problem or issue faced by New York City. Group presentations should take the form or a proposal for addressing the problem/issue chosen.

At the end of the semester, on May 6-7, each group will present their research findings at a CUNY-wide Macaulay event.


Group 1: Eliana Alper, Emerald Cazeau, Loren Niu, Ena Rasic, Rebekah Suh

Group 2: Selena Bermeo, Jessica Bong, Rachel Hia, Shlomo Klahr, Mateusz Wysocki

Group 3: Angelinna Bradfield, Izabela Konopko, Floril Thomas, Wenhui Zeng, Shirly Shoshan

Group 4: Beatriz Damotta, Jasmine Olivera, Inhea Jun, Dahlia Lieberman, Karen Lopez


Presentations should thoroughly identify and discuss the problem/issue chosen, including: statement of purpose; brief history/background; analysis of issue as well as related proposals or ideas and, if appropriate, your thoughts for addressing it.

Practice project presentations will be during class, April 26 and May 1.

Presentations should be 15 minutes long.