Feb. 1 – “Introduction” and “Private to Public Property,” The Park and the People: A History of Central Park; Birthday for the map that made New York

Feb. 22 – “New York Before Robert Moses” and “Wait Until Evening,” The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York

March 1 – “Introduction” and “Equipping the Public Realm,” Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York

March 6 – “Introduction” and “The Generators of Diversity,” The Death and Life of Great American Cities; “Who Wears Jane Jacobs’ Mantle In Today’s New York City?

March 20 – Reconstructing Times Square, pp. 43-63 and 157-161; Times Square Red/Times Square Blue, pp. 145-168

March 27 – “Introduction” and “Overview: A Region at Risk,” A Region at Risk: The Third Regional Plan for the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Area; and Chapter 5: “Planning and the Narrative of Threat,” pp. 59-76 in Building Like Moses With Jacobs in Mind

April 3 – Chapter 3: “The Bloomberg Practice,” pp. 33-43; Chapter 6: “The Armature for Development,” pp. 77-96; and Chapter 9: “Design as Civic Virtue,” pp. 133-144 in Building Like Moses With Jacobs in Mind

April 19 – “Parks for Profit: The High Line, Growth Machines and the Uneven Development of Urban Public Spaces;” and “Community Parks Initiative Targeted Improvements

May 8 – “How Harlem wrote its own development plan” and “Affordable Housing’s Forever Solution

May 10 – “The Disaster Inside the Disaster,” “The Flood Next Time;” “Green is the New Brown: ‘Old School Toxics’ and Environmental Gentrification on a New York City Waterfront;” and “The Flood Next Time.”

May 15 – “Instrumental City: The View from Hudson Yards, circa 2019;”  Building a Smart and Equitable City;  Mine Your Data: Open Data, Digital Strategies and Entrepreneurial Governance by Code; and “Is New York City’s Public Wi-Fi Actually Connecting the Poor?”