“Union Square” is not just the name of the 3.6 acre park lying between 14th and 17th street. Over the years the name “Union Square” has come to refer to the vibrant and diverse residential and commercial community in which Union Square Park is the heart. The park was opened to the public in 1833, and over the course of more than 170 years, the park, as well as the surrounding area of Union Square, has undergone numerous rennovations, which have successfully improved the physical and social aspects of the area as a whole. The park offers the public a lush, green area to which tourists and locals alike flock, and the more than 150 eating establishments, bars and markets within a two block radius of the park offer a different appeal. The area is supported by both public and private efforts, which are constantly working to maintain the area, as well as to improve, and utimately eliminate the issues that are still faced, such as a lack of arts/entertainment within the park itself and overall pedestrian safety.