S2010 MHC 250 Ramasubramanian Syllabus and Reading List Revised and Updated

Feb 9                 MHC 250 Lecture 1 Exploring City Form

Feb 9 and 16  MHC 250 Lecture 2 Describing City Form

Feb 16              Lecture 3 Overview of Planning Practice

Feb 23             We did not have a formal lecture on this day

Mar 2               Lecture 4 Planning in New York City

Mar 9              Qualitative Urban Research Methods

MHC 250 Lecture 5 Participatory and Action Research Methods

Mar 16           Quantitative Urban Research Methods




Mar 23   Anatomy of a Planning Study

Planning Study Roosevelt Island

April 6  Lecture Housing and Economic Development

April 13th Tech Day

April 20th  No class (professor was sick)

April 27th   MHC 250 Lecture 4-27 New Urbanism

May 4th       Planning in Poor Countries

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