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Oct 15

Studying Domestically?

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Studying abroad has been on my mind, as you all can see. This incredible need to go and explore other parts of the world has got me thinking. It dawned on me that students from all over the world are at this time feeling the same. They too want to leave the place they are […]

Oct 11

An Hour In A Minute

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AnHourInAMinute is my new idea for mini vids of what I do, for when I will be in Australia. I figured I should make one for practice and practice my video-editing skills. Find it on Youtube, or just watch it here. 5

Oct 02


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A fountain. It almost looks like dancing the way they synchronize the jet streams. Pretty amazing. I love thinking about who thinks about the way things around you are. Who sits there at their 9-5 job designing the path the water will go? And how much water will pass through the pipes? And the fluctuation […]

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