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Nov 30

Seems to me that planning to study abroad has led me to seriously consider studying domestically (see previous post about this concept). I want to take advantage of everything New York has to offer, as if I were a real tourist/exchange student. In other news, my spin-jump is broken. Enjoy, Lilach 6

Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving, from abroad.

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Well, actually, I am not abroad (yet!), but for my sister who is living in a different country, I am abroad to her. So, for our thanksgiving dinner, which we ate at her in-laws’ house, I made a video/greeting card for her, while vlogging about the merriment. 6

Nov 25

Dogs and Leaves!…And Dentists.

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An Hour in a Minute Continues. Enjoy. 4

Nov 11

Spin-jump to Australia

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It’s actually happening!!! Every day I am getting closer and closer to my Aus-um adventure. I am making all these mini-movies of life here so that making movies in Australia! will come more naturally. And I am gaining more movie editing skills, and having lots of fun. Enjoy! LG. 5

Nov 09

Loungin’ Around

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Of course I spend all my time wisely and productively…except when I am lounging around. Check out my latest lounging moments. Enjoy, Lilach 4

Nov 01

A Fanatic Phonetic!

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So I am now an obsessive fan of this IPA and am writng whole sentenses in phonetics just for fun!!! My brother calls me a “fanatic phonetic,” and I am proud of that title!

My AUSome Trip