Nov 01

A Fanatic Phonetic!

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As part of my Speech & Hearing major, I am currently taking the best class ever, called phonetics. I am officially obsessed with the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) that has special symbols for each speech sound in a language. It just makes such perfect sense that words should be written as they sound, and not confusingly with differnt letters making same sounds, like /ph/ and /f/. The example I love to explain phonetics with is using the words 1.weigh and 2.way: How english is so silly that you could have the sound “ay” spelled so many different ways and then you spend half your life learning spelling. So I am now an obsessive fan of this IPA and am writng whole sentenses in phonetics just for fun!!! My brother calls me a “fanatic phonetic,” and I am proud of that title!

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