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  1. John Sorrentino
    2:23 pm - 2-3-2011

    This is really an impressive video – I’m impressed by your mastery of it and how engaging you made the subject! I’m working on finishing my PhD in French and had to do three semesters of advanced phonetics as an undergrad, and I was fascinated by it, too (one might say a bit obsessed and a tad crazy: I used to write out sentences using only the phonetic symbols for “fun”). I also find that when I teach French, phonetics can be a useful tool. For example, when students are having difficulties hearing the differences between two or more similar sounds (such as the nasal vowels) it is helpful to use some of the phonetic symbols so they can visualize as well as hear how these sounds differ from each other.

    It’s funny, too, because what went through my mind while watching your video was how complicated English seems (I’m a native English speaker, so it seems “easy” to me) when you look at it objectively.

    Nice job! I’d like to see one on the consonants, too!

  2. Lisa Brundage
    3:35 pm - 2-1-2011

    This is a fantastic video! Thank you for making it and sharing it.

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