Apr 10

JFEW Spring Retreat

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As part of being a JFEW Scholar, I went to the JFEW Spring Retreat today in the Thirteen Studio at Lincoln Center. It was a real treat! I enjoyed hearing all the guest speakers and was happy to see the scholars from the other campuses again. Starting off the day with Michelle Ward’s coaching served to strengthen my “mission statement” as a student and focus my academic goals. Hearing the dialogue between Mrs. Hochman and Mrs. Korff, two remarkably successful women in their field, was intriguing and inspiring. I especially gained from the session with two Macaulay Alumni, Joey and Marta, feeling that they were close enough to relate to yet with a lot of wisdom to share about their unique academic paths.
I really appreciated today’s strengthening words of encouragement and support for successful careers for women. Thank you to all of JFEW, Macaualy Honors College and all the people involved in planning and participating in today’s wonderful events.

Thank you to Mike Lamb for the picture!

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