Apr 17

This past Friday, I presented the project I am assisting with that is studying Emergent Literacy in Bilingual Hebrew/English Preschoolers in the Cuny Graduate Center. The Student Research Poster Day in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences was so enlightening; I enjoyed hearing other students and professors present their research and I got a sense of the scope that this field covers from the varied topics of research. I especially enjoyed meeting Mira Goral and hearing her presentation about her work with Aphasia in Multilinguals, as well as meeting the research professors at the Crad center, Professor Klara Marton, Professor Loraine Obler and others. Serving as an RA (research assistant) on this project has been really fun and I’ve been learning so much about research methods and how to present your research with a poster from my Professor, Isabelle Barriere. I find it’s really engaging when you are able to explore and find your niche while seeing how others have developed their careers and selves in that field. Thank you for this opportunity.

My AUSome Trip