Apr 24

What to do in NYC for free?” has seen the white of my google search bar.
Even without a clear destination, my family and I love riding the train into the city and seeing all the tall buildings towering above our heads and into the blue sky. Just walking around and seeing the multitudes of people makes you feel like a part of humanity in a way that sitting in front of your computer screen does not, no matter how many online friends you have. So anyway, what we found was a free walking tour of Grand Central Station with the renowned tourguide, Justin Ferate. Did I mention it was free! The tour went for around 2 hours but our tourguide was so engaging and entertaining that it felt like a mere hour and half! (a history tour can only be so engaging! lol).
He took us through all of the area’s history and architectural psychology while actually walking around the streets. He pointed out oddities that you never would have noticed, telling the ‘true’ stories of history that have been rewritten by PR people to make everyone look better. Did you know for example, that the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz was inspired by the actual yellow brick of Park Ave? Of course, by now the avenue is paved with cement for cars, but back in the days of wheel-drawn carriages, brick was all the rage and Park Ave’s happened to have been Yellow! The Yellow road symbolizes ‘making it big’ in the ‘Emerald City’ that is NY!
By far the most exciting discovery of the day happened in a remote spot of Grand Central Terminal that I would’ve just ignored had I been alone: The Whispering Gallery. At first you see people facing the corner of the room as if they’ve been punished by their kindergrarten teacher to go stand in the corner, but once you know what they are doing, it is amusing and enchanting. The ceiling’s curve allows people standing on opposite corners to whisper to each other and hear one another as if they were right besides them. It was really fun to see others stand facing the wall and to communicate via rounded ceilings. Beats skype is you ask me!
All in all, I greatly recommend this Grand Central walking tour to any and all. You are sure to enjoy it and did I mention that it won’t cost you a cent.

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