Jun 23

I can’t believe it’s in five days!
In just five days I’ll be going to Australia for a four-month study-abroad adventure. And I can’t help but be excited about the silliest things and nervous about the least consequential things as well. Like seeing the international terminal in JFK that I’ve never been to and who will be sitting next to me on the plane. Granted I will be on that plane for about 22 hours, but still!

It’s incredible that my carbon footprint is just about to increase at least ten-fold by the impact my flying half-way across the world will have. And maybe it’s even more incredible that such a thought even crossed my mind. If it hadn’t been for the Macaulay Honors Seminars, like the ones taught by Professors Tammy Lewis and Alan Aja, which focused on environmentalism, sustainability and most importantly, our personal responsibility towards those things, I would continue to be preoccupied with how many pairs of socks I’ll need. Although this doesn’t stop me from making the trip, it at least gives me the awareness of what goes on in the world for it to even be possible.

So as these thoughts flutter across my synapses, often being intercepted by those concerned with the weight limit of my suitcases, I am deeply excited about the journey I’m embarking on. Plus, I’m grateful that in this age of digital media I could share that trip with you!- my family and friends, classmates and teachers, the advisors that helped me get to be writing such a post in preparation for such a trip and also you, random stranger who happened upon this blog- Welcome!

In other news, I got new glasses. Sophisticated? Hipster? Tell me what you think!


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  1. imbcg
    2:29 pm - 7-4-2011

    Don’t forget to add Australia to the map of places you have been to! enjoy! and don’t forget to keep us posted.

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