Jul 23

Turns out that one of the things I’m really enjoying about Melbourne is how creative, expressive and colorful the architecture is. Just walking around the  city, I’ve been able to capture some beautiful buildings and wondering just what was going through the designer’s mind while picking colors, angles and materials for their buildings.

When I think about it, the design quite accurately reflects the Melbourne-ian attitude. Very colorful and playful. People here know how to work hard…and play hard! From reveling in their footy to scouting out cafes for the best coffee to jogging or biking in the many large and open public parks. When you’re new to a place you notice things like the color of the buildings. When I point things like that out to the locals with me, they find it amusing that I even notice it.  I’m sure that when I get back home, I’ll notice things I’d forgotten ever existed on my block or in my neighborhood. Maybe that’s even the point of traveling.

My AUSome Trip