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Aug 28

Hey Everyone! One of the things that’s immediately striking about living in Melbourne is how health/environment conscious people seem to be. My host family is really good at this and I’m learning so much by living here. First of all, we never use plastic plates or cups in the house- what a waste! and we […]

Aug 22

I love your comments! L 9

Aug 14

Hey! Although it’s a Sunday and not a “Touring Tuesday,” I did a little touring today. The sun was shining bright and I felt I had to take advantage of the beautiful day by doing something outside. Back home, I probably would’ve gone for a walk on the boardwalk or Marine Park in Brooklyn, but […]

Aug 05

Yup folks, that’s YOGHURT, with an ‘h.’  Which, while i’m at it, I should mention is pronounced “heitch” with an aspiration, not “eich” like norm-I mean Americans. I put together a small video to show you my campus and the recent lovely weather-two things I’ve been getting a lot of questions about. Also, the best […]

Aug 02

Yesterday’s date was August 1st which means I’ve been here for a month! How amazingly exciting is that! I had two distinct thoughts yesterday because of this significant “monthversary” 1. I proudly realize just how adaptive I could be. I love Melbourne as much as, if not more so, than I expected I would. Like I […]

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