Aug 28

Hey Everyone!
One of the things that’s immediately striking about living in Melbourne is how health/environment conscious people seem to be. My host family is really good at this and I’m learning so much by living here. First of all, we never use plastic plates or cups in the house- what a waste! and we compost everything too. You know, when you peel potatoes and you just throw all those peels away? Well, if you saved them and composted them you’d have beautiful mulch for your garden- plus you’d be saving lots on sanitation costs since you produce about half as much garbage. Naturally, we recycle too, reducing our carbon footprint even more. The new (and controversial) carbon tax is pushing Australia even further towards renewable and/or sustainable energy sources.
Regarding health, vegetables are the way to go. A big hearty salad filled with fresh produce from the market AND parsley and celery that I cut from the garden right before putting it in the salad. Top it off with sesame seeds and whatever nuts we have lying around for protein- and tuna if you want even more. AMAZING, or as we say here, “boootiful!”



Conservation of water is clearly seen in parks that have signs telling you about their use of recycled water.

There’s even a really growing “op shop” culture that means things like clothes, books, toys etc. are being resold and reused. The ‘op’ in “op shop” is short for opportunity and is basically the same thing as a thrift store, but really organized and pleasant. I’ve been to five different shops already and even found two shirts!

It’s one thing to learn about and be aware of my actions as a consumer and quite another to live it. To hang laundry when the sun shines instead of using the dryer and to rinse a glass instead of wasting another plastic cup.

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  1. Bat-Chen
    3:06 am - 9-1-2011

    Ever since we moved to Israel, I find that it feels much better to conserve as well, and that people are more aware in general! I wonder what you will take back with you to implement into your daily life back in the US… do you already have a plan of what you will be doing differently?

    • Lilach Gez
      6:31 am - 9-1-2011

      I will definitely use less plastic ware at home when it is so easy to rinse a glass instead of wasting on plastic cups! Thanks,

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