Sep 17

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I reflected on how kind my family (ie. mother!) was to put together a ‘going away’ journal for me. The first few pages have kind wishes and farewell letters from my friends and family and the rest serves as my travel journal filled with my thoughts about new experiences and people.
The quote is from George Orwell’s book, 1984,

“When there were no external records that you could refer to, even the outline of your own life lost its sharpness. You remember huge events which had quite probably not happened, you remembered the detail of incidents without being able to recapture their atmosphere an there were long periods to which you could assign nothing.”
And in thinking these thoughts, the character, Wilson, starts writing a diary, even though it is a ‘thoughtcrime’ punishable by death.

Hope you enjoy,


Ps. Ausome Episode 8 is in the works!

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  1. Bat-Chen
    12:52 pm - 9-17-2011

    I have to tell you how amazing this video is… The composition, the music, the art! This video is inspiring! Its happy, thought provoking and interesting… Simple and elegant! You get two thumbs up, five stars, and ten points! To say the least! Kol haKavod! Bcg

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