Sep 14

Readit1st “The Help”

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Hey Everyone, Not a travel blog, but a worthy thought nonetheless- You know the movie that came out recently, The Help, about a bold young reporter who realized it was time to change the way the help was being treated in Jackson Mississippi in the ’60s. Well, I really wanted to watch it and was […]

Sep 12

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Sep 03

Footy at “The G”

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“Now don’t you go calling this Australian Rules Football, American tourist, it’s footy and it’s serious business!” Best game I’ve ever been to- (also, only game I’ve ever been to:) But I feel converted. Go BLUES!   Doesn’t get more Aussie than Footy at the MCG! Enjoy, Lilach     9

Sep 01

Happy 1st day of Spring! {Sep. 1st}

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Pinch, Punch, First of the month! Except you have to add “no returns” or else you’re getting it right back! This is the game I painfully found out about on the first of July when I got here and painfully reminded of again on the first of August. But this time I remembered!…Only I didn’t […]

Aug 28

Hey Everyone! One of the things that’s immediately striking about living in Melbourne is how health/environment conscious people seem to be. My host family is really good at this and I’m learning so much by living here. First of all, we never use plastic plates or cups in the house- what a waste! and we […]

Aug 22

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Aug 14

Hey! Although it’s a Sunday and not a “Touring Tuesday,” I did a little touring today. The sun was shining bright and I felt I had to take advantage of the beautiful day by doing something outside. Back home, I probably would’ve gone for a walk on the boardwalk or Marine Park in Brooklyn, but […]

Aug 05

Yup folks, that’s YOGHURT, with an ‘h.’  Which, while i’m at it, I should mention is pronounced “heitch” with an aspiration, not “eich” like norm-I mean Americans. I put together a small video to show you my campus and the recent lovely weather-two things I’ve been getting a lot of questions about. Also, the best […]

Aug 02

Yesterday’s date was August 1st which means I’ve been here for a month! How amazingly exciting is that! I had two distinct thoughts yesterday because of this significant “monthversary” 1. I proudly realize just how adaptive I could be. I love Melbourne as much as, if not more so, than I expected I would. Like I […]

Jul 27

In my previous “episode” of My AUSome Adventure” I discussed the different public transportation options in Melbourne. For me to get to Uni every day, I have to ride two trams. It’s a near hour commute each way and the way I’ve spent that hour has evolved from week 1 to now, in week 3. […]

Jul 24

Cool Transportation in Melbourne

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I ride the tram for an hour each way to Uni, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on trams, thinking about trams. 12

Jul 23

Turns out that one of the things I’m really enjoying about Melbourne is how creative, expressive and colorful the architecture is. Just walking around the  city, I’ve been able to capture some beautiful buildings and wondering just what was going through the designer’s mind while picking colors, angles and materials for their buildings. When I […]

Jul 13

Hey Everyone! My uni schedule works out that I have no class on Tuesdays! In order to take as much advantage of my time here in Melbourne, I’ve dubbed these days, Touring Tuesdays. (Actually my host Mum came up with that one!-Thanks.) Naturally, I decided to do the most tourist-y thing of all which is […]

Jul 10

“How are you?” “How are you doing?” “How’s it going?” These questions sound familiar and are an appropriate way to greet someone and inquire about their well-being and current affairs. In America that is. Not in Australia, (or should I say “straya,”) where words are always shortened, intonation does not necessarily  indicate meaning and people […]

Jul 06

International Student Orientation Trip

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As an international student, my Australian University offers a three day beach trip before the semester. It was simply sublime! We drove two hours south of Melb, to a coastal city with the most spectacular view of the ocean- and what an ocean it was. Just so blue and turquoise and green and CLEAN looking! […]

Jun 30

It’s really cool that I am in Melbourne. I love it. I’m currently getting over jetlag, but you can expect more fun and exciting things from me, like starting Uni– which if you don’t know- stands for university, or simply, school. Enjoy, Lilach (or as I have been nicknamed, Lil! rhymes with Bill.) 11

My AUSome Trip