Jan 25


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…of glory.

Just kidding. Actually, I’m back in Brooklyn and back to college. My semester starts on Friday and I have a full line up of really interesting classes: An audiology class, a class about speech disorders, 3-D design, and a really exciting course about New Orleans before, during and after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Since coming back from Australia, I’ve had time to reflect and share my experiences with friends, advisors and professors. Also, I’ve put together a picture album and realized that I have so many great shots of different places around Melbourne. I would love to post some of those retroactively now that I have time to sort through all the wonderful memories. I’ll start with one of the coolest performance stages I’ve ever been to:The BMW EDGE at the back section of Federation Square (see my post about this awesome space).
I was there on a day that a Melbourne art/fashion/music school had their students’ projects on display. The space has all these amazing triangle-y, angle-y windows with a view of Melbourne’s iconic YARRA River behind.

Aside from the clean, modern seats, stairs and stage, check out this amazing ceiling!

Seeing these pictures, I feel like I took them years ago, when in fact I was there just two months ago. I’m trying my best to hold on to the lessons and experiences I’ve gained by studying abroad. Plus, marveling at and sharing all the uniquely artistic places I’ve been to in Melbourne.

Hi to all my wonderful Aussie readers- Good luck with your new school year.
And to my North American readers- Stay warm! and Good luck on a new semester.


Oh and also, it’s Australia day. Just thought you should know.

My AUSome Trip