Aug 19

In the two weeks of my actual summer vacation my parents and I traveled south to Washington DC. The plan was simple: visit museums, see some national monuments and find a pool. Plus if you know my family, you’ll know a trip is never complete without a barbeque at a park. Great Falls National Park, on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia, turned out to be an excellent place for a bbq and a perfectly peaceful spot to end our 4 day trip and recharge before our drive back home.

What’s your favorite part of road tripping?

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  1. Lisa Brundage
    3:42 pm - 8-26-2012

    I grew up in Great Falls! Glad you enjoyed our park. I recently took my daughter there for the first time. Where else did you go in the area?

    • Lilach Gez
      3:56 pm - 8-26-2012

      Hey Lisa,
      Your daughter must have loved it. Great Falls was the highlight of the trip for us. We drove down to DC to have a look at Gallaudet University which has an excellent Audiology Doctoratal program. I’ll be posting about that with pics soon. Thanks for the comment!

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