Apr 22

Passover in Jerusalem!

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Spending pesach with my family in Israel is something I’d never done before and was incredibly special. I hadn’t seen my grandparents in over 2 years, my brother, sister and adorable nieces in more than a year. Skype is great and having video chats made it that at least my little nieces recognized me and […]

Mar 18

When my teacher asked, “Who knows what a speech banana is?” I giggled and then went home to share the giggles in this video. Enjoy, Lilach Note: My video was tweeted by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and added to ASHA’s pintrest board! Source: youtube.com via American Speech-Language-Hearing Association on Pinterest 8

Mar 08

A costume holiday spent eating and exchanging food packages with friends, plus non-stop eating of said food packages, plus a holiday meal?!?!?! I’m in!! Purim is my favorite holiday! You know I’m a fan of DIY (Do it Yourself,) so I put together this simple peacock themed costume, mostly as an excuse to wear these […]

Mar 03


Feb 24

This week the Brooklyn College Honors Lounge held its annual Travel Art show. Students who traveled, studied, and volunteered abroad shared pictures and stories with each other. Plus, a cultural potluck! Out of approximately 2,000 digital photos that took  in Australia, I chose five that reflected how inviting Melbourne was by choosing photos that emphasized […]

Jan 26

Visiting Aussies: A Cheesy Tale!

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It’s great to have visitors on my home “turf.” Thanks for coming! Smiles, Lilach 6

Jan 25


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…of glory. Just kidding. Actually, I’m back in Brooklyn and back to college. My semester starts on Friday and I have a full line up of really interesting classes: An audiology class, a class about speech disorders, 3-D design, and a really exciting course about New Orleans before, during and after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Since […]

Jan 18

Ukulele Fangirl- Meeting Julia Nunes

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My AUSome Trip